Flat feet

Many people suffer from flat feet often without any symptoms in early life. The flattening of the arches alters the stresses on different muscles in the foot and change the boney alignment. Over time this can cause wear and tear in different joints of the foot. As your feet provide the foundation for your body changes in foot alignment can have an effect on areas of the body higher up.

You may have noticed uneven wearing of your shoes, walking with your feet turned out or even less of an arch in your foot print which has lead you to believe you have flat feet. 

Some common problems associated with flat feet are:
- Heel pain
- Ankle pain
- Knee pain
- Stiff joints
- Lower leg pain
- Back pain 

A podiatrist is highly trained to assess your foot posture and biomecahanics and will assess the severity of your condition and tailor a long term treatment plan to treat or decrease the risks of developing these conditions.