Heel pain

Heel pain, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs are a result of a muskuloskeletal condition which causes pain under the heel or in the arch of the foot. Heightened pain is often felt first thing in the morning or after periods of rest then return to activity.

Risk factors include:

Flat feet
Gait abnormalities
Wrong footwear 
Prolonged standing
Working on hard surfaces
An increase in weight
Sudden increase in activity
Muscle tightness

The good and bad news is heel pain is an extremely common condition. Therefore podiatrists are extremely experienced in the short and long term treatment of heel pain. Your treatment may include changes to your footwear, soft tissue mobilisation, dry needling, orthotics, modifications to activities, prolotherapy injections, exercises etc.
Your podiatrist will assess your condition and tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs and get you back to pain free.